Are you tired of removing stains from the carpet? Is the spilled wine from the last Christmas party and the milk stain on the carpet by your toddler bothering you? Well, you do not have to worry anymore. With the help of professional cleaners, you can now rid get of stubborn stains with ease.

Many stains give you a tough time. They are so hard to remove that even all types of cleaners exhaust while removing stains. But here the real question is that why do stains take more energy to be cleaned? What makes them different from spots?

carpet cleaning, stains on carpet
Removing stains from the carpet

Spots vs. Stains – Explaining The Difference

When we say that there is a spot on the carpet, it occurs due to the result of a recent accident. For instance, if you spill tea over your carpet while having breakfast, that’s a spot.

If you try to remove a spot from your carpet, it comes out without having to put in a lot of effort. Removing spots from the carpet is a much easy job because they only cover the outside fibers of your carpet. They do not seep deeper into the fabric.

Now let’s say you leave the tea stain and rush to work. Later after coming back, you forget to clean it. You will notice that as time passes by, you will need more effort to clean the spilled tea. We call this a stain.

Stains are more permanent evidence of spillage. It causes discoloration that might last forever. Stains are normally very deep that they embed themselves into the carpet fibers.

However, you do not have to worry about the removal of stains anymore. With the help of our professional cleaning team, we can help you in getting rid of these stubborn marks from your carpet. We will make sure that it leaves your carpet looking brand new.

carpet cleaning
Getting rid of stains with professional help

How Can Professional Carpet Cleaning Remove Stains With Ease?

First of all, we have to figure out the type of stain. There are three types.

  • Water-soluble
  • Solvent soluble
  • Non-soluble

Another important thing to consider is the condition of your carpet. That makes a huge difference because you will notice that the thickness of the carpet determines the number of appointments needed.

To make our work more efficient, we keep enough time between our appointments. The time should enough for the stains to dry out before they can be cleaned again.

Always remember that taking care of your carpet results in longer life. An ideal duration between successive cleaning appointments should be one year if your carpet is in good condition. If your carpet is old and has a few threads sticking out here and there, then we would recommend you to dispose of your carpet!


Professional carpet cleaning is indeed successful in removing stains from your carpet. With a little professional help from us and the use of top-notch cleaning equipment that we use, you can restore the look of your living room’s carpet.