Cleaning the carpet is a tough task, but can you guess an even tougher task? It is how to dry carpet fast after cleaning. There are several ways to do so. Different people use different methods. Therefore, to make your work easy, we have picked the fastest way to dry carpet after cleaning for you.

Why Is Drying A Carpet After Cleaning Essential?

Janitor’s Hand Cleaning Carpet With Vacuum Cleaner. Before we get started, it’s important to know what makes carpet drying essential. Why do you have to make sure that your carpets are dried? There is a small space between the carpet and the padding that lies underneath.

This small space may seem insignificant to you, but it is a problem area. If you leave your carpet without drying it out after a cleaning session, then this dark and moist area serves as a breeding ground. Mildew, molds and such other microorganisms start growing here.

This creates an unhygienic living space along with a foul smell. Thus, it is important to dry your carpet after cleaning. Now that we know the importance of drying your carpet following a cleanup routine let’s look at some ways to dry it faster.

We have explained to you five of the best and fastest ways to dry your carpet after cleaning in the text given below. It will not only leave your carpet looking brand new and fresh but will also get rid of an otherwise unhygienic environment and unpleasant smell.

clean carpet, drying
Janitor’s Hand Cleaning Carpet With Vacuum Cleaner

Five Best and Fastest Ways to Dry Carpet after Cleaning – Detailed Review

To make your work easier, we have divided this section into five parts. Each part explains a slightly different method for drying your carpet in the fastest way. Read ahead to find out more!

1.   Creating A Sufficient Air Flow

We hang our clothes outside on the line because the air dries them out quickly. Using a similar idea for drying out your carpet works in the most efficient way.

If you have a carpet that has a great number of windows, then there is nothing you need to worry about. Moreover, if there is a door opening onto the patio or garden, then opening this door to let fresh air in can also do wonders for drying out your carpet.

Once you create an effective ventilation system inside the room where the carpet is drying, the process starts to occur much faster. It is also an excellent method of avoiding any damp or musty odor to accumulate inside a room.

It might seem like a good option, but there is one thing you have to keep in mind. The method depends greatly on the weather. If there is too much humidity, then it will do little to no good to dry out your carpet. Such rainy or cloudy weather might also make things tougher for you.

In such cases, it’s a better option to keep the windows closed. However, do not worry. We have got some other methods for you on how to make your carpet dry faster.

A quick tip: if your living room has two windows that face each other on the opposite walls, then you can try out something slightly different. You should open one window fully while the other one should be left open slightly. Doing this creates a strong crosswind. Thus, your carpet dries out faster.

2.   Using A Fan

If the weather outside is humid, the wind will not help much with drying your carpet. This is where the ultimate hero comes in: a fan!

Ceiling fans work well to dry out your carpet. It is the most efficient if your carpet is present directly underneath the fan. The fan creates an appropriate funnel of air. Once there is a funnel of air blowing over the carpet, it starts to dry out the carpet quickly.

Besides a ceiling fan, you can also use a desk or standing (pedestal) fan. These fans get the job done. The fans below the air over the carpet to create a current that dries out the carpet faster.

However, you will notice that they were not as competent as ceiling fans. The current and air funnel made from standing fans do not dry out carpets as fast. But we have a simple tip for you. You can place two such fans on the opposite ends because it can result in your carpet drying out faster.

how to make carpet dry faster
The corners of a well dried carpet

3.   Utilize Air-Conditioning Facilities

The next procedure for drying out the carpet faster should be considered if you do not have enough airflow or a fan nearby. For drying out your carpet, you can also consider using an air conditioner.

It is not as effective as the other two methods mentioned above because it does not circulate the air well. Moreover, it also might increase your overall maintenance cost because the running costs of air conditioners are more.

Due to a lack of air circulation, air conditioners might also fail in providing you with a fresher environment with crisp air. It may get stuffy if you use an air conditioner to dry out your carpet. However, when the weather outside does not support carpet drying, you will find even using an air conditioner the best way.

Quick Tip: The cold air that comes from air conditioners will come into contact with the damp material of the carpet. It makes it tougher to know whether your carpet is cold or dry.

Carpets dry in the best possible manner when you expose the carpet to dry and warm air. Such quality of air is present on a sunny summer day. While you are using cold air from the air-conditioning, it takes a longer time to dry fully.

You should close the air conditioner as soon as you feel the carpet starts to dry. You should allow your carpet to first down to room temperature. After that, check the carpet close to the padding to check if the carpet is dry or not.

4.   Expose The Padding

When you have a large carpet, the method of exposing the padding to dry out the carpet should be your star choice. Once you extract the right amount of water from the padding, then you can peel the carpet back.

To expose the padding, start in the corner. Corners are the easiest to pull back. You have to pull the fibers of the carpet using pliers. Pliers give a firm grip but make sure your gentle while pulling. If you pull too hard, you might accidentally pull out the fibers also.

After you pull back the fibers, you might hear a tearing or crackling sound. No need to worry because this is the sound is of the tack strip. This strip holds the carpet together with the padding. Thus, you are not causing any damage.

Next, you can follow the steps given below to dry off the padding.

  • Start blowing air between the padding and the carpet.
  • Use a dehumidifier if your carpet is in a closed room. This will pull out the moisture out of your carpet faster.
  • Make sure that you keep the corners or sides of your carpet raised. Use a fan to blow air under the carpet and onto the pad.
  • Next, you should attach a vacuum hose to your vacuum cleaner. Place the hose under the carpet and place the carpet over the hose. The stream of air created speeds up the drying process.
fastest way to dry carpet after cleaning
Using a Vacuum hose over a wet carpet

5.   Towel Dry

Using a towel to dry your carpet is also a great option. You should start by spreading towels over wet areas on your carpet. The towel is made out of absorbent fabric. Therefore when you use it over a wet carpet, it dries out the fabric by absorbing water into the towel.

However, using a towel to dry out your wet carpet requires a little physical effort on your part. You need to walk back and forth over the towels that you place on the carpet. You should walk enough that the towels become soaked in water.

Walking or jumping on the towels covering the carpet works to squeeze out the water in a much better manner. Once you notice that the towels are becoming wet, replace the wet towels with dry towels over the same area.

You have to continue doing this over the wet carpet until you see that the carpet has dried out. However, you should check underneath the carpet again. You have to make sure that the floor and the carpet padding are not soaked in water as well.


Drying carpet after cleaning is a fairly tough task, although it can be made easy if you have the required skills and efforts. Therefore, if you want to take your carpet drying game to the next level, then you should hire professional cleaners. They have the right kind of cleaning equipment that does the job well.

We also offer professional services that you won’t regret opting for. Call us over to your place and see your living room’s carpet transform into brand new.