We understand that your home is your castle and having wood floors makes it a beautiful place to be. Wood floors add style, charm, and interest to any house, whatever the design. But wood floors also take maintenance to keep them looking great. Between taking care of the family, work, errands and social life, trying to keep up with the wood floor maintenance can be tough to fit into your busy schedule.

Let our professional staff take the worry out of wood floor maintenance for you. Our energetic and experienced team knows how to deep clean a variety of wood grains. We will determine the best method of cleaning away the scratches and scuff mark that come from everyday living. Using our decades of experience in the floor maintenance industry, we will restore your wood floor back to its original shine.

Choose Your Hardwood Floor Cleaners Carefully!

Hardwood floors are not forgiving when it comes to using the wrong cleaners. In fact, it’s easy to damage or stain the floor permanently, creating an extra expense for the homeowner. We take the worry out of hardwood floor care by using proper cleaners and sealants for a long-lasting luster.

After we’ve deep cleaned and polished your hardwood floors, we will teach you how to maintain them. Once a wood floor is serviced by our professionals, everyday care is easy. Usually, all it takes is a broom or mop to sweep away dirt and dust. We will recommend a regular cleaning schedule that will sustain the beauty of your floors for years to come.

Why Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning Is Different from Cleaning Carpet or Tile

It’s one thing to clean tile or carpeting. When you do, it will always react the same way to cleaning solutions or other factors. Wood is a totally different material. Despite having come from a chopped-down tree, it remains a living substance. That means it will react to light, humidity, and temperature. It also means that, when it’s cleaned properly, it can look as vivid and gorgeous as the day it was first installed.

Cleaning your hardwood flooring properly can be tricky. That’s because, as time goes on, grime, dirt, oil, and other microscopic gunk can make its way inside the top layers of the wood itself. Vacuuming and mopping won’t get that stuff out, and it won’t provide you with a bright shine.

Going beyond conventional residential carpet cleaning services, Elite Clean Steamers is proud to provide the best hardwood floor cleaning services. If your home’s hardwood floor is looking dull or faded from years of use, it’s time for a shine that only a professional cleaning service can provide. Traffic from footsteps, pet claws, and furniture all contribute to hardwood floor damage, but know that a good hardwood floor cleaning can do wonders for your home’s flooring.

With more than two decades of experience, we’re a group of insured, certified, and highly trained cleaning professionals, and we understand the intricacies of hardwood floor cleaning. We can thoroughly clean the wood, then apply a protective coating that will make it look as good as new.

When you need to find professional hardwood floor cleaners, Elite is proud to serve residential clients and give their wood floors a new lease on life. If you have questions or you’re ready to schedule an appointment, contact us online or by phone today!