Pet Stain Carpet Cleaning

Your pets may be a beloved part of your family, but the urine stains and odors they leave behind can create a repulsive home environment. At Elite Clean Steamers, we use a comprehensive pet urine stain removal process to effectively and permanently remove new and old stains and odors from your carpets.

Smaller and older dog urine stains can be difficult to see, but they can still be the source of noticeable odor in your home. Many professional pet urine treatment services are ineffective because they accidentally pass over tough-to-spot stains and leave odors behind. At Elite Clean Steamers, we use a high-powered UV light to locate even the oldest, smallest stains that have sunk into your carpet and become invisible.

Once we’ve located each and every urine stain left behind by your pets, we use gentle chemical solutions and odor removal on our carpet steam cleaners to lift and remove even the most stubborn urine stains and odors from your carpets. Our specialized carpet cleaning solutions and techniques are formulated specifically for pet urine treatment to remove stains and odors permanently. In other words, we have perfected the art of pet urine removal.

If you’ve gotten your carpets professionally cleaned before, you might have discovered that the carpet stains and odors don’t stay gone for long. Many professional carpet cleaning services skip over old stains or use ineffective solutions that don’t permanently remove stains and odors. Our UV light technology ensures that our carpet cleaners don’t miss a spot and our ultra-effective chemical cleaning solutions thoroughly clean and sanitize your carpets to prevent any stains or odors from resurfacing over time. If you have pets, enlist our professional pet urine treatment services to restore your carpet to its original, stain- and odor-free condition, and rest assured that stains and odors are a thing of the past. Carpet needs to be vaccumed before services*

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*$20 dollar fee if carpets are not cleaned prior to scheduled cleaning.