Hiring Certified Carpet Cleaners

Carpet makes an excellent flooring option for several residential or commercial properties; however, a carpet is often susceptible to getting stains, spots, dirt, gunk, and permanent marks that doesn’t look appeasing to the eyes. If your house or office has carpeted floors then, it is crucial for you for hiring certified carpet cleaners to keep your carpets cleaned and maintained. You can schedule a routine carpet cleaning service for preserving the cleanliness and integrity of the carpet.

When you are considering hiring the services of a carpet cleaning service approved by IICRC (Institute of Inspection) then, there is a high chance that the carpet cleaner would a professional and tactical approach for eradicating gunk and dust from your carpet.

Why hire certified carpet cleaners?

IICRC is an acronym for Institute for Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Cleaning, and the non-profit organization operates by certifying a group of cleaners that comply with the Code of Ethics to clean the carpets and rugs for its clients. They are expected to comply with high levels of technical ability of cleanliness to ensure the cleanliness of their client’s carpets and rugs. Hiring carpet cleaners certified with IICRC standards allow you to work with professional and ethically trained cleaners, and it saves you from the trouble of working with fraudulent or unprofessional cleaners in the cleaning industry.

A majority of the cleaning companies should comply with the set of guidelines as enforced by IICRC when offering their services to their clients. A majority of the carpet cleaning companies are likely to offer their services at a relatively low-price to lure the clients into hiring their services; however, they do not provide optimal services to satisfy the needs of the clients. The non-certified carpet cleaners will simply use detergent and water, and it is never a viable option for cleaning expensive and costly rugs.

On the contrary, certified cleaners companies are known for using an approach that ensures a complete removal of stains and marks from the carpets and rugs. They use steam cleaning for the eradication of stains and marks from the fibers of the carpet, and they use exclusive cleaning solutions for making your carpet look brand new. Let’s have a look at the methods that professional and certified carpet cleaners use for cleaning carpets for their clients:

How certified carpet cleaners clean carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture?

A certified carpet cleaner is trained to follow the given set of instructions and methods. It starts with pre-cleaning and pre-vacuuming your carpet, and go all the way up to the removal of spots and stains by using steam cleaning method.

  • Pre-vacuum

In this stage, a carpet cleaner will carefully inspect the structure and fiber of your carpet, and use a vacuum cleaning for prepping the carpet. It would help with the removal of large-sized gunk and debris for the carpet, and it makes your carpet ready for the next steps involved in the cleaning process. If the cleaner does not vacuum the carpet then, your carpet would still look the same after the completion of the process.

IICRC recommends the carpet cleaners to vacuum the carpets and upholstered furniture, as 79% of the debris stuck in the fibers of the carpet is dry, and it is easily removable with a vacuum cleaner. A majority of the professional cleaners always start with pre-vacuuming the carpets and rugs before moving towards the next step of the process.

  • Precondition

A professional and certified carpet cleaning company heavily indulges on preconditioning the carpets for its clients. It is an important step; therefore, no professional carpet cleaning company should eradicate this step from the process. The cleaners use a series of carpet cleaning chemicals for loosening the soil and debris in the carpet’s fibers, and it also helps with preserving the softness of the carpet. The pre-treatment of the carpet helps with the complete removal of the spots from the carpet’s fiber.

Preconditioning your carpets ensure that your carpets and upholstered furniture are thoroughly cleaned and it contributes to enhancing the texture and softness of the carpets. A number of professional carpets cleaning companies use bespoke conditioning solutions for preconditioning their client’s carpets, and it improves the lifespan of the carpets and rugs by a tenfold.

  • Agitation

Once a carpet cleaner has pre-vacuumed and pre-conditioned the carpet—it would proceed further to agitate the surface of the carpet for the removal of any stubborn stains. It requires the cleaner to rub the fibers of the carpet for eradicating dirty spots from the carpet.

  • Rinse

In the next step, a cleaner would use high-pressure water for rinsing the cleaning solutions from the carpet. As an alternative, a certified cleaner would use a steam cleaning process for rinsing the carpets or the rugs.

  • Removal of remaining spots/stains

The above-mentioned process helps with the removal of 80% of the spots from the carpets or rugs; however, if there are certain spots remaining on the carpet or rugs—the carpet cleaner will repeat the process for removing the remaining spots or stains from the carpet. Please keep in mind that not all stains would be removed instantly; therefore, a cleaner would be required to double its efforts for ensuring the removal of more permanent and stubborn stains from the carpets.

  • Groom

When it comes to the grooming of the carpet, a carpet cleaner would be required to align the fibers of the carpet. It helps with drying the fabric and fibers of the carpet quickly, and it also improves its texture and surface significantly.

  • Dry

In the last step, a cleaner would be required to use powerful air-movers for speeding up the drying process. A cleaner is required to use the air-movers across the carpet for reducing the drying time of the carpet to an extent. Once the carpet is dry and clean, the carpet cleaning company would carefully wrap up the clean carpet, and dispatch it back to its client’s house.