Everyday traffic, pet stains, and dirt tracked in by your little ones can lead to major damage to your carpets. Your house or apartment should be a place that you feel proud to call home. Dirty, odorous carpets can make your home a much less pleasant place to spend your time and can even discourage you from inviting family and friends over to visit. Plus, stained and smelly carpets bring down the value of your residence, which can significantly decrease your profit when you decide to sell your home or prevent you from getting a return on your security deposit when you move out of a rental house or apartment.

Unfortunately, residential carpet cleaning can be an expensive inconvenience for you and your family. Many professional carpet cleaning services force you out of your home for hours on end while your carpets dry and charge exorbitant prices that don’t fit into your family’s budget. If you don’t think professional carpet cleaning is a possibility for your home, think again. At Elite Clean Steamers, we offer affordable, top-quality carpet cleaning services to quickly and efficiently remove dirt, stains, and odors from your carpets with permanent results. We also offer multiple specials on our residential carpet cleaning to help our professional carpet cleaning services fit into even the tightest budgets. Carpet needs to be vaccumed before services*

When you need to make sure the job gets done the right way the first time around, put your trust in the team at Elite Clean Steamers.

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CRB machines (Counter Rotating Brush) like the Brush Pro are great for all types of carpeting. The counter-rotation of the brushes comb, straighten and lift the carpet fibers providing the cleaners with a big advantage. When using a CRB machine like the Brush Pro for pre-spray agitation, you are allowing the pre-spray to work much more effectively without adding to your cleaning time. After use, the carpet fibers are left standing at attention, making the hot water extraction method that much more effective at removing suspended soil. A better clean in no time is what you’ll get out of the Brush Pro or any counter-rotating brush machine that you add to your carpet cleaning process.

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Residential Carpet Cleaning Specials

With these new prices, we will be including dry soil, pet dander, and stain removal with all deep steam cleaning.







*$20 dollar fee if carpets are not cleaned prior to scheduled cleaning.