Rug Cleaning

Very few people think of hiring a home carpet cleaner to clean their rugs. Because rugs are easier and more affordable to replace than wall-to-wall carpeting, most people choose to just buy a new rug rather than enlist the help of a professional carpet cleaning service to restore their original rug. However, replacing your rugs every time they accumulate dirt, stains, and odors can be very costly, wasteful, and require a significant amount of time and effort.

Stains, dirt, and grime can add up quickly on your rugs, especially if they’re located in heavy-traffic areas of your home or office space. At Elite Clean Steamers, our carpet cleaners are very knowledgeable about different rug materials and are skilled in thoroughly cleaning all of these materials—including delicate, top-of-the-line rugs. Rugs are accent pieces that are supposed to add to the environment of your home or business, but they can actually detract from your space when they are dull and dirty. If your residential or commercial space is located in the Indianapolis, IN area, our professional carpet cleaning services can make your rugs look as good as new. Leave your rugs in good hands and let our thorough, effective cleaning process remove dirt, stains, and odors to restore them to their original condition with no damage.

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