Tile and grout is one of the most common types of flooring in kitchens, bathrooms, and living areas. This flooring is attractive, affordable, and durable, and it blends in well with almost any decor. Unfortunately, tile and grout can also be extremely difficult to keep clean. Its uneven surface leads to dirt and spills collecting in the grout between tiles, and its porousness allows dirt and grease to sink into the tiles. Over time, everyday traffic and spills over your tile and grout can create a stained, dull, grimy finish for your flooring.

Once your tile and grout are stained, it can be impossible to thoroughly clean them using at-home cleaning techniques like mopping and scrubbing. At a certain point, it’s time to enlist the help of professionals to really get your flooring clean. At Elite Clean Steamers, we use strong cleaning solutions and professional steam cleaning techniques to effectively remove the toughest dirt and grease stains from your tile and grout—even after they have already sunk into your flooring. Stop spending hours scrubbing your floors and settling for dull tiles and grimy, discolored grout.

If you are located in the Indianapolis, IN area, give us a call to help you clean and restore original color and shine to your tile and grout. Our tile and grout cleaning services are second to none, and they can give your home a new chance to shine. Carpet needs to be vacuumed before services*

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*$20 dollar fee if carpets are not cleaned prior to scheduled cleaning.