At Elite Clean Steamers, we maintain a reputation as one of the most informed and experienced upholstery cleaning services. Our professional technicians are very knowledgeable about different types of upholstery materials and the best cleaning solutions and techniques to use on them. The products and techniques we use on upholstery effectively lift dirt, stains and odors but are gentle enough to prevent inflicting any damage on your furniture. In fact, our upholstery cleaners can even protect your furniture from future dirt, stains, and other damage, as we apply a gentle, effective fabric protector to your upholstery after we finish cleaning it.

The upholstery on your furniture can get just as dirty and stained as your carpets and rugs. Years of spilled food and drinks and dirty fingers and feet touching your upholstery can mar its surface and leave your best furniture looking grimy and dull.

When you want your furniture to look like new again, put your trust in the team at Elite Clean Steamers. Carpet needs to be vaccumed before services*

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*$20 dollar fee if carpets are not cleaned prior to scheduled cleaning.